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We require many auxiliary facilities to operate the refinery:

  • For instance we have our own harbour that is used to deliver imported products and dispatch finished products.
  • Our proprietary train station is used to supply recipients via rail cars.
  • But the majority of finished products leave our refinery by trucks that are filled at our truck filling station.
  • We also operate a large tank farm (around 70 tanks in a wide variety of sizes), since intermediate and above all finished products have to be stored.

We also operate exhaust gas cleaning systems, a waste water treatment plant, a company fire service, the flare system and many other facilities that ensure safety and environmental protection.

The pipeline that supplies us with crude oil from Wilhelmshaven is operated by our subsidiary NDO. It is 140 kilometres long and carries around five million tons of crude oil to the refinery each year – more safely and reliably than via tankers on the Elbe.


jetties in our own harbour


Olympic swimming pools – the capacity of our largest tank

Up to 600

trucks and rail cars can be filled each day