Mobility and heat for North Germany

Our products

We process crude oil into various oil products that have become essential parts of our lives. Our products ensure mobility, heating, and much more.

Up to 500 trucks collect gasoline, diesel, and heating oil from us every day and use it to supply Hamburg and northern Germany with high-quality fuels and heating oil.

Our annual production of gasoline is sufficient to fill 31 million mid-range cars.

Our heating oil production heats the homes of 450,000 households in Hamburg for a year. 

We are responsible for around one-fifth of German cyclohexane production. Cyclohexane is a sought-after feedstock for the chemical industry. It is processed into nylon, for example.


We process crude oil from different sources and with different composition. We blend the different oils exactly to ensure the consistency of our finished products. Our goal is to continuously produce to DIN standard.

We use our own laboratory to inspect and control the entire production process – from delivery of the crude oil to supply of our product. Regular product samples and evaluations assure our high quality requirements.