A safe and strong partner for people, the environment, and the region

What we stand for

It’s our goal to produce responsibly with people and the environment in mind. For us this means specifically:  

1. We successfully and responsibly operate a safe, efficient and profitable refinery
We adhere to and/or exceed standards and requirements in order to protect people and the environment. We strive to continuously improve.

2. We make a positive contribution to our society
We are a building block in the reliable energy supply for Germany and we contribute to the economic strength of Hamburg. We create jobs, train employees and apprentices, use regional providers when possible, work in committees – and of course pay our taxes and duties.

3. As much as possible, we want to help shape the future of sustainable energy
We are continuously looking for ways to reduce emissions and to produce more eco-friendly fuels to tackle climate change. 

Quality & security of supply

We deliver high-quality products – reliably and on time.

Responsibility for safety & environmental protection

We protect the environment and people's health and we ensure their safety.

Great employer & strong partner

The interplay between quality, environmental protection and safety makes us a successful commercial contributor to the region and for partners.

Fundamental values and principles

You can also learn more about our fundamental values and principles in our group's code of conduct:

OILINVEST Code of Conduct