Dependable and safe - 365 days a year, around the clock


Our refinery is divided into two major sections: the crude oil distillation facility and the catalytic cracking plant. These two refinery sections, in turn, contain a wide variety of individual units, such as the desalinator or isomerisation unit. The many towers, reactors, and tanks are interconnected by a kilometre long pipeline system. 

Together they result in an impressive and highly complex "oil factory" producing 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day. 

We work in shifts because our refinery produces around the clock. There are at least 25 employees present on each night shift to run the facilities safely and efficiently.

A control room with the latest technology is also used to control and monitor the refinery facilities.

"Visitors are always impressed by the many pipes, containers, towers, and the sheer size and complexity of the plant. And even after 29 years here, I am also still impressed by it — and a little bit proud when I, as a shift superintendent, can ensure smooth and safe processes. "

Michael Feske, with HOLBORN since 1990. For 20 years Michael has worked as a shift superintendent (recognizable by the red helmets they wear) and is responsible for the smooth running of the whole plant. As a member of the works council he also represents the interests of the workforce.

160 metres is

the height of our tallest chimney

1100 degrees is

the temperature of our hottest furnace

Over 2000

safety and measuring devices
monitor the facilities