We take our environmental responsibilities seriously

WE ACTIVELY WORK ON Environmental protection

Avoiding waste, consuming less energy, reducing pollutants: our goal is to protect nature and the environment in the best possible way. With this in mind, we continually update and invest in measures to protect the environment. 

We spend up to a third of our total annual budget on protecting the environment. In the past we have invested in major projects on a regular basis and will continue to do so to do even more for environmental protection. Plans include an improvement of our water treatment plant and the installation of technical equipment for emissions monitoring.

Our environmental commitment pays off twice: Not only do we fulfill the requirements of the constantly developing national and European environmental laws, but we are also able to save money; for example, lower electricity consumption and CO2 emissions overall. Consuming less electrical power also reduces costs and enables us to keep our competitive edge and strengthen Hamburg as a refinery location.

We care about water quality

We use our multi-stage treatment plant to purify waste-water from refinery operations.

Soil and ground water are protected by concrete basins around our facilities. Rainwater from these is directed via channels to the waste-water treatment plant where it is purified. 

We focus on clean air

Our refinery is a closed system. One example of this is our vapour recovery systems, which prevent pollutants from escaping into the environment when we load our products.

We also constantly improve our production and exhaust systems to reduce emissions.

In any case: all our emissions are continuously measured and monitored. We transmit the values in real time to the supervising authorities.

We ensure clean soil

The refinery's subsoil used to be heavily contaminated, especially due to its destruction during the Second World War. We have worked extensively to redress these issues from the past ever since the company was founded.