What to do in the case of an incident


Safety is our top priority. In cooperation with the authorities we protect our neighbours, our employees, and the environment. Despite all precautions and care, however, incidents cannot always be prevented. The alarm and emergency response plan coordinated with the authorities and the police is activated should there be an incident. Residents and the general population are warned by measures implemented by these authorities, for example via the local smart phone Katwarn app.

Information on the proper protocol and on potential hazards can be found on this website published by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our incident supervisor:
Dr. Katharina Pahnke , Tel.: +49 (0)40 76 63 - 0

An indicator of safe operation

Flames at the end of a long, thin pipe – which at times can be seen from great distances and is an important part of our safety systems – are indications that the refinery is operating in a completely safe state.

The processing of crude oil also generates gases, that we use to fuel the process furnaces. This saves energy. Large volumes of gas can however still arise if production is paused, or when systems are started or stopped. These are then controlled and safely led to the flare to be burned. This can result in meter-high flames, which may look threatening, but actually signify safety.

Naturally we adhere to all environmental regulations and statutory provisions if we do have to "flare off".