We belong to the top-ten most energy-efficient refineries

Energy efficiency is our strength

International comparison reveals that we are one of the most energy-efficient refineries in Europe, and we are proud of this. We don’t just want to remain in the top ten; we want to continue to improve and reduce our CO2 emissions even further. That is why we have implemented an energy management system and become certified to DIN EN 50001. We are also committed to exchanging experiences via various networks and initiatives.

Why do we have such a good energy balance?

All refineries are very energy-intensive businesses. Our advantage: our refinery exhibits a higher degree of heat integration. For instance, we use heat exchangers to recover the heat from one product stream to heat another. We are then able to use a lower percentage of crude oil as a heating medium in comparison to other refineries, namely only around five per cent, for example, to operate our furnaces and production facilities.

We strive for the highest level of energy efficiency throughout the plant in order to save resources and protect the environment and the climate. Consuming less energy also reduces our energy costs – and at a refinery these are considerable. Even the smallest amount of energy saved reduces our costs significantly – and thus strengthens our competitiveness. 

We want to continue to improve our energy efficiency – because this means we keep our production costs low, remain internationally competitive, and thus contribute more to climate protection. 

"We are already pretty far ahead - and continue to do our utmost to further improve our energy efficiency. We can only continue to be so successful in the coming years by producing efficiently!"

Udo Andrée, with HOLBORN since 1991 and responsible for the topic of energy efficiency

420 megawatts

total energy requirement

200 t/h

of steam is produced, of which 130 t/h are produced from waste heat

Almost 400

heat exchangers
are in use