ready to work around the clock

Our company fire department

Large quantities of flammable substances, high temperatures, and pressures: A refinery is a petro-chemical plant with an elevated hazard potential. That is why we have a recognised full-time company fire department with specially trained firefighters. They are ready around the clock and ensure the safety of the refinery.

The company fire department also manages our preventive and defensive fire protection and the care for those who are injured or ill in cooperation with the medical department. This means that the 17 full-time firefighters regularly train for all kinds of emergency scenarios. They take part in special exercises and have regular training to stay up-to-date on all the latest developments in their field. They also train over 130 colleagues from the refinery who can provide support as voluntary firefighters in case of an emergency. 

The company fire department also maintains our firefighting equipment – and there is a lot: in addition to several fire engines and roll-off containers, we also have state-of-the-art equipment and special devices, such as mobile pumps and large-volume monitors for fighting tank fires.

Our company fire department collaborates closely with Hamburg's professional fire brigade. We regularly conduct joint exercises, often at our site or in our harbour basin. Occasionally, we even use our equipment and special devices to support Hamburg’s professional fire brigade outside of the refinery site.

"A plant fire department is something special in every respect because we are specialists. We work with different dimensions than public fire departments. The first steps taken in an emergency are crucial for quick and positive outcome. When responding to an incident, good cooperation between all parties leads to success."

Matthias Rehr, leader of HOLBORN’s plant fire department

60 seconds

from emergency call to the response


fixed foam and water monitors

110000 litres of

water per minute