Time for renovation: HOLBORN is preparing for its Turnaround 2023

HOLBORN Europa Raffinerie will be shutting down its processing units in stages from 26 August to perform the overhaul that takes place every five years. Turnaround 2023, abbreviated to TA2023, will last until the end of October. Its preparations and planning commenced three years before the scheduled shutdown.

In the course of the TÜV overhaul – also referred to as downtime or turnaround in the refinery sector – HOLBORN Refinery will be gradually shutting down its processing units from 26 August 2023. All processing units and technical equipment will be inspected and where necessary overhauled, repaired or replaced between 11 September and 13 October. The refinery’s various processing units will also be maintained, modernised and optimised in terms of energy efficiency. The processing units will brought back into operation from 14 October.

This refinery in the Harburg port district attaches particular importance to minimising noise, smell and the flare off process as far as possible while the production units are being shut down and started up again. This involves any existing residual gases being collected where possible and only being fed to the flare if absolutely necessary. There can nevertheless be increased flare off processes and perceptions of smell during the shutdown and start-up phases, which are in any case harmless to health. Unusual operating noises can also be expected during the overhaul itself. And increased traffic volumes on the access roads can be anticipated at certain times of day over the coming weeks, since there will be up to 1,800 service company personnel on site, in addition to the refinery workforce. We apologise to our neighbours for any resulting inconvenience.


Daniela Frommann
Corporate Communications
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