Less talking and more action

We at Holborn are special

We are reliable and pragmatic. We roll our sleeves up and get on with things. With a rough exterior and a soft core, we've got that touch of humour and placid composure that North Germans are famous for. We use expertise and meticulous care to overcome all challenges, from the largest project to the smallest detail. We apply reliability and responsibility to ensure that the business "runs" safely and in an environmentally conscious manner, 365 days a year.

 What unites us:

Our team keeps everything running: facilities and infrastructure, administration and logistics. At HOLBORN, no job is the same as another. But no matter how different our professional tasks – we all work with the same dedication and passion.

Who do we want?

Anyone who prefers "hands-on" work, is enthusiastic about chemistry and technology, and wants to achieve a lot will fit in with us. If that sounds like you, apply now!! 

By the way: we particularly welcome applications from women, especially in the technical division. Applications from those with severe disabilities are also very welcome.

"For a trained chemist, this is a dream job, a hole-in-one, something really tangible."

Marius Thiel, with HOLBORN since 2010. As an operator, he controls and monitors the plant, on-site and from the control center.

“I really like working here. For me as a process engineer, HOLBORN offers a wide range of possibilities for me to use my skills and gives me the option of taking on new tasks and evolving professionally. And the view when the sun rises over the facilities in the morning is amazing!”

Maike Többen, with HOLBORN since 2011. As an engineer, she makes sure that the processes are stable and efficient (currently on maternal leave)

"I like the job and the team too, and a lot of young colleagues have joined the company as well and that makes a good mix. We also have fun together outside of work."

Zbigniew Kubicki, with HOLBORN since 1996. As a designer with a focus on plant and pipeline planning, he designs new facilities or converts existing ones.