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We are always looking for well-trained employees who want to contribute their skills and experience. Gaining initial career experience after studying? Making the next step in your career as an experienced specialist or manager? All this is possible at HOLBORN.

Whether you are just entering your career field or you are an experienced professional – we offer an exciting environment with very good terms, including for the following occupational groups:


This is where engineers, process control engineers, and those with technical draughtsmanship skills collaborate closely to plan, construct, and safely operate equipment (parts) including from an environmental protection perspective.

Chemical-technical division

Facility-operators manage the production process, the tank field, and the loading. Electricians, industrial mechanics, measurement and control technicians, and others take care of the maintenance and repair of the equipment parts.


Chemists and chemical laboratory assistants analyse the crude oil, intermediate, and end products to ensure the highest quality throughout the entire production process.

Commercial division

Production planning, procurement, HR, IT, finance and accounting, taxation and customs along with controlling which support production operations in a variety of ways.

Safety and the environment

Here environmental engineers and safety specialists work to ensure the environment is protected and guarantee the safety of the facilities and employees. Full-time firefighters also ensure safety and not only in an emergency.


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